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PRE-RELEASE: lighttpd-1.4.12-r1303

A new pre-release has been uploaded with more fixes than the last release and with a new, hot module: mod_magnet . It is the promised replacement for mod_cml.

Update replaced r1303 by r1309

Get the pre-release from while it is hot.


  • added experimental LOCK support for webdav
  • added Content-Range support for PUT in webdav
  • added support for += on empty arrays in config-files
  • added ssl.cipher-list and ssl.use-sslv2
  • added $HTTP[“querystring”] conditional
  • added mod_magnet as long-term replacement for mod_cml
  • fixed upload hangs with SSL
  • fixed connection drops with SSL (aka bad retry)
  • fixed path traversal with \ on cygwin
  • fixed mem-leak in mod_flv_streaming
  • fixed required trailing newline in configfiles (#142)
  • fixed quoting the autoconf files (#466)
  • fixed empty Host: + $HTTP[“host”] handling (#458)
  • fixed handling of If-Modified-Since if ETag is not set
  • fixed default-shell if SHELL is not set (#441)
  • fixed appending and assigning of env.* vars
  • fixed empty FCGI_STDERR packets
  • fixed conditional server.allow-http-11
  • fixed handling of follow-symlink + lstat()
  • fixed SIGHUP handling if max-workers is used

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