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Graceful Restart

With lighttpd 1.4.3 it is possible to do a graceful shutdown by sending a SIGINT to the process. It will only shutdown the server after the client connections are closed successfully without interrupting the connections.

But can this be used to implement ‘reload config on signal’ or ‘graceful restart’ ?

Spice Up for Error Page

lighttpd isn’t beautiful when it shows the user that a file is not available.

When I wrote it I want to make sure to don’t show any information that might be used for XSS attacks like displaying the URL unencoded, show local paths, … something like that. I used the simplest approach: Just show the status.

This is not pretty, but works. But I assume you want something more sexy.

Lighttpd Unleashed - Part One

From time to time we write code faster than documention. This basicly means that sometimes small gems are hidden and unknown to most users.

This time we want to put some focus on the new commandline options in lighttpd 1.4.0 and higher.

Lighttpd 1.4.1

Just a few minutes ago lighttpd 1.4.1 has been released, shortly after lighttpd 1.4.0 which had some user-visible problems.

1.4.1 fixes those bugs, stabilizes the SSL support on OpenBSD and finishes the WebDAV support in mod_webdav to Class 1 (all options except LOCK/UNLOCK).

Lighttpd 1.3.15 Released

.15 is like a best-of album from your favourite band which contains all
the good song, a few remixes and one or two new songs, just to make sure
that you buy it.

We did the same: the core stuff got bugfixes and two new modules were
added which might interest you:

  • mod_cml
Cache Meta Language Move the cache-hit decision into the webserver and only call the external language on cache-miss to speed up dynamic apps dramaticly → cluster-enabled via memcache
  • mod_trigger_b4_dl
Trigger before download For our content-providers which require that the user visitsa URL before he is allowed to download the content → cluster-enabled via memcache
  * added mod_cml
  * added mod_trigger_b4_dl
  * added encoding to mod_dirlisting
  * added ?auto to mod_status
  * relaxed handling of characters in URIs even more
  * fixed detection of sendfile() on Linux 2.4.x
  * fixed comparision of buffers for short strings
  * server.errorfile-prefix is now conditional
  * fixed mod_rrdtool to close STDERR

And the Winner Is ...

After the logo-contest went very well and we have seen very nice and professional proposals lighty finally has a logo.

The winning entry is based on the paper airplane submitted by Phu from endturn. It was modified by Paul from

Good work. Now we have a nice button which everyone can add to their sites and link back to

lighttpd button

For a real big one, we have the big logo with a nice slogan:
lighttpd logo

For more information about the idea of the logo and more background on how lighttpd was started check the story of lighttpd on

Lighttpd 1.3.14 Released

After the release didn’t revealed any serious bugs the documentation was updated and the final release was roled.

Get it at and spread the word.

I would like to see some comments on the loadbalancers in mod_proxy and the new mod_scgi.