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The New Mod_proxy_core

One thing I heard from everyone at the railsconf was: __Please fix mod_proxy__. In my talk I presented a look into the future and how mod_proxy will evolve in lighty 1.5.x, unification of the backend-plugin, .,. Well, perhaps it will be a bit earlier than 1.5.0


... or the hidden secrets of lighty. X-Sendfile is one of the important, but mostly unknown features. Time to put the spot-light on it and see why you want to use it.

What I Learned at the Railsconf

The railsconf 2006 is over and it was a amazing week here in Chicago. Around 500 attendees made the conference a huge success. Inspiraring Keynotes, interesting lightning talks and a amazing show by 'Why the Lucky Stiff and the Thirsty Cups'.

Lighty on Win32

At the railsconf I spent some time to work on the native win32 port of lighty. Thanks to scons we already had a working build system on Windows, it only needed some #ifdef's to get the beast compiling.

Lighty at the Railsconf

I've just finished my presentation on lighty at the "railsconf": in Chicago, IL, USA. The slides of the presentation "Accelerating Rails with Lighty" have been uploaded to ""://

A Interactive PHP-Shell

I was always jealous of iruby and ipython, the interactive shells for Ruby and Python. Instead of writing a script and running it through the interpreters you just execute the script line-by-line while you write it.

For debugging this is great. Compare a shell-script against the normal shell usage. It is more a ‘What if I …’ pattern instead of ‘I can write 100 lines of code without testing it’.

PHP was missing a powerful shell for a long time now. I needed one for my team at work and ‘php -a’, the interactive shell of PHP 5.0.x, is still not able to handle basic FATAL errors like ‘Function foo() not found’. So I wrote a php based interactive php-shell

One More Opcache for Php (Preview)

I’m sure you use lighttpd because of performance and scalability, and many of you run php too. I’m please to introduce you another opcode cache for php.

Yes, another.

The preview version is deprecated. please check // to get newer source.

and report problems at //