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Forum Is on the New Host

The forum just got migrated to the new lighty-server. As long as the DNS is not update and as fallback, the old lighty server is proxying to the new host. As a side-effect, registering a account in the forum works again. The trac on the new host also sends out notifications on ticket updates again.

The Docs Are Dead, Long Live the Docs

... oh not again. The Docs are now in the wiki instead of a dead, boring manual, see "":// points to the new location already. If you want, the docs are editable for everyone now. It is an easy way to improve the docs, check if they are right, fix typos, rephrase the wording, add more examples, ... Thanks go to hoffie and the others who helped to move the docs to the wiki.

Mod_cml Is Dead, Long Live Mod_cml

Yep, mod_cml will vanish from the distribution of lighttpd 1.5.0. It will get a new name and will get a full blown set of functions to manipulate the execution of a request in lighty. It reason to rename mod_cml is that the focus of this module has changed from the its first implementation. It is not about checking if a request is a cache-hit or not. It is about deciding how to handle a request. Any status code can be returned, any content source will be able to be queried to assemble the content (files, memcache). The main reason is to allow us to change the names like 'trigger_handler' and 'CACHE_HIT' to something more appropriate. In the end no big change, but a neccesary one to make the use of this powerful module more obvious. ... Perhaps the new name will be mod_cml ... what would be the new meaning of this abbreviation ? Any suggestions ?

How to Spawn a Backend Process

I'm not completly sure yet how I will add the spawning of processes to the new mod_proxy_core. The current idea is mod_spawn described as below. If you have specific needs or ideas how to implement it, add your comment please.

Expect: Header Handling Is In

Just a short one: Handling for HTTP/1.1 Expect: 100-continue has been added. With the new infrastructure it was only a few lines to get it in. curl and some WebDAV clients were using it to verify that the server speaks HTTP/1.1.

1.4.12 Becomes 1.5.0

moo poked me today and was so right: "With all the changes going into SVN we shouldn't call the next release 1.4.12, but 1.5.0". Lifting the restriction on 'try to stay compatible to the 1.4.x plugin-API I started right away on ripping the internals apart and put them together sliglty different. If you are developing a plugin for 1.4.x right now, be asured that it won't work without changes in 1.5.0. Let me explain what is changing.

PRE-RELEASE: lighttpd-1.4.12-20060724-0947.tar.gz

I just uploaded the 3rd pre-release of lighttpd 1.4.12: "":// This pre-release should work on most platforms and it mainly got improvements for our "mongrel": users. A small test has shown that we can even improve the performance of mongrel by balancing over 2 local instances (on a single-cpu machine).