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PRE-RELEASE: Lighttpd 1.4.23rc2-r2534 + New 1.5 Snapshot

As a quick followup to release candidate #1 of 1.4.23, here comes #2.

You can get 1.4.23rc2-r2534 from these urls:

Please test it as much as possible and provide us with feedback.
A lot of testing ensures a good release.
If no showstoppers are encountered, there will be a final release soon.

Additionaly, we have created a new 1.5 snapshot.

It contains an important fix for a remote crash bug (only in 1.5) when ssl is used.

You can get 1.5.0snap-r2533 from these urls:

Changelog since 1.4.23rc1-r2522:

  • Add support for “real” entropy from /dev/[u]random (fixes #1977)
  • Adding support for additional chars in LDAP usernames (fixes #1941)
  • Ignore multiple “If-None-Match” headers (only use first one, fixes #753)
  • Add X-Sendfile-Range feature (fixes #2005)
  • Fix 100% cpu usage if time() < 0 (thx to gaspa and cate, fixes #1964)
  • Allow max-keep-alive-requests to depend on conditional (fixes #1881)

If you want to get the latest source for any branch, you can get it from our svn repository.
Documentation to do so can be obtained from this page:
Bug reports or feature requests can be filed in our ticket system:
Please make sure to check if there isn’t a ticket already here:

Thank you for flying light.