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Spawn-fcgi Removed From Lighttpd Src

As announced in an earlier post, spawn-fcgi has now been removed from the lighttpd tree.
spawn-fcgi has become a completely seperate project (located at

Lighty 1.4 can still spawn fastcgi processes internally via mod_fastcgi of course.

Package maintainers are advised to provide packages for spawn-fcgi, to make it a dependency of lighttpd and to remove the binary from any existing package as soon as possible so spawn-fcgi can be updated even when there is no new lighttpd release.

Lighttpd 1.4.23 will not include the binary anymore.

If you want to get the latest source for any branch, you can get it from our svn repository.
Documentation to do so can be obtained from this page:
Bug reports or feature requests can be filed in our ticket system:
Please make sure to check if there isn’t a ticket already here:

Thank you for flying light.