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Going to Mine

Ladies and Gentlemen, Spambots and Jackalopes, may we have your valuable attention please.

As you may have noticed, our trac was painfully slow most of the time and we missed some features that we would like to have. So we looked for alternatives and found Redmine

It took some effort to migrate everything from trac to it but now most of it is done.
Some wiki pages couldn’t be converted 1:1, so we ask you to fix the formatting issues if you come across any and know how to do so.

Redmine also allows us to get rid of the old forums that had serious spam problems in the past. will be read-only from now on and will probably be gone for good or read-only too.

So, without further ado, we want to unveil our new project haven.

Hope you like it and thanks for using lighty.


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