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New Prereleases: 1.4.20-r2294 and 1.5-r2294

It’s been some time since the last 1.4 release and especially since the last 1.5 prerelease.
There have been a lot of fixes in both branches so be sure to check them out, no matter if you are using 1.4 or 1.5.

You can get the prereleases from this url:

The 1.4.20 changes can be read here:
While 1.5 changes can be fetched from here:

We ask you to test these snapshots as extensive as possible and report any broken things back to us.
If everything goes well and no showstoppers are encountered, there will be an official 1.4.20 release soon.

As for 1.5: should this prerelease be stable and bugfree enough, it will be the last prerelease and there will be a 1.5.0 release. It will not retire the 1.4 branch though. There are still some things missing in 1.5 like internal spawning of fcgi backends that prevent it form being the next main branch.

You can thank stbuehler for all his hard work he has put into both trees as he is responsible for nearly all of the work recently.

If you want to get the latest source for any branch, you can get it from our svn repository.
Documentation to do so can be obtained from this page:
Bug reports or feature requests can be filed in our trac ticket system:
Please make sure to check if there isn’t a ticket already here:

Thank you for using lighty.