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Project Glib: It Compiles ... Mostly

Part of my ongoing, hidden effort to port lighttpd to glib I can now at least say: it compiles.

Well, mostly. The core does compile and mod_staticfile is also mostly done. Mostly, as I don’t have decided on how to handle the config-file handling yet.

So, what has been done so far:

  • buffer.c and buffer.h are gone and are replaced by GString
  • array.c is gone and is replace by GHashTable or GPtrArray
  • array.h will vanish when the data_…c goes away
  • log.c is now a wrapper around g_log_…

As you see this is ripping out the basic data-structures and replaces them by a glib look-alike.

This isn’t just a drop-in replacement as the structures use other field-names and sometimes have a slightly different meaning.

One example is GString vs. buffer:

buffer {
  char *ptr;
  size_t used;
  size_t size;

GString {
  char *str;
  size_t len;
  size_t allocated_len;

While str and ptr, and allocated_len and size match, used and len differ by one byte (used includes the NUL-byte, len doesn’t).

One side-effect of this boring work is seeing the code-size shrinking, piece by piece.

Seeing old, sometimes dirty code vanish is another nice side-effect. Like the log_error_write() call … man …