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Bug Fixing Marathon

Looking at the bug-system a few days ago we had something like 460 bugs open.

Quite a bunch of them were duplicates of the same issue and others were already fixed in the code and just not closed in the bug-system.

Scanning through the bugs I wrote some more test-cases to verify that the reports were valid and along the way at least these bugs got fixed:

  * added dir-listing.set-footer in mod_dirlisting (#1277)
  * fixed hardcoded font-sizes in mod_dirlisting (#1267)
  * fixed different ETag length on 32/64 platforms (#1279)
  * fixed compression of files < 128 bytes by disabling compression (#1241)
  * fixed mysql server reconnects (#518)
  * fixed disabled keep-alive for dynamic content with HTTP/1.0 (#1166)
  * fixed crash on mixed EOL sequences in mod_cgi
  * fixed key compare (#1287)
  * fixed invalid char in header values (#1286)
  * fixed invalid "304 Not Modified" on broken timestamps
  * fixed endless loop on shrinked files with sendfile() on BSD (#1289)
  * fixed counter overrun in ?auto in mod_status (#909)
  * fixed too aggresive caching of nested conditionals (#41)
  * fixed possible overflow in unix-socket path checks on BSD (#713)
  * fixed extra Content-Length header on 1xx, 204 and 304 (#1002)
  * fixed handling of duplicate If-Modified-Since to return 304
  * fixed extracting status code from NPH scripts (#1125)
  * removed config-check if passwd files exist (#1188)

Now the bug-count is at 413, a start.