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PRE-RELEASE: lighttpd-1.5.0-r1691.tar.gz

A new pre-release on the road to stabilize 1.5.0.

Most of the work went into mod-proxy-core and new platforms:

  • m-p-c can handle uploads via APJ13 which required some larger patches
  • we should compile fine on solaris and IRIX again
  • kqueue should work too again
  • we compile natively on win32 (staticly and dynamicly)

The is the first official release that compiles natively on win32. Read the instructions on docs/build-win32.txt if you want to build yourself. It even starts :)

I have to say thanks to all the testers on the IRC channel, to jtiai for the win32 patches and jakabosky for the hard work on mod-proxy-core.


  • added mod_cgi again
  • added cmake on win32 (static and dynamic)
  • fixed http-chunk decoding
  • fixed several hangs when compression is used
  • fixed invalid Content-Length headers in Range-responses
  • fixed handling of out-of-fds
  • fixed support for Solaris and compilation on IRIX
  • fixed the kqueue event-handler
  • fixed mem-leak in Range requests
  • fixed EFAULT in gthread-aio