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PRE-RELEASE: lighttpd-1.5.0-r1605.tar.gz

A lot of changes made it into the svn recently. It is time again to spread the code to more testers than just the few early adaptors who are using the svn-trunk/

Please try out the new stuff around async-io and dynamic compression of content. Even directory-listings are now automaticly compressed. Just load mod_deflate and set

deflate.mimetypes = ( “text/html” )



ChangeLog (r1605):

  • added check for leading slashes in mod_rewrite
  • improved async-io performance for files between 4k and 16k
  • fixed compression of static files in mod_deflate
  • fixed configure check for the library providing aio_read()
  • fixed moddirlisting, modstaticfile and the internal error-pages for mod_deflate
  • fixed compilation on FreeBSD and MacOS X

ChangeLog (r1593):

  • added O_NOATIME support to the network-backends linux-sendfile and writev
  • added a portable, threaded network-backend based on glib’s gthread
  • added threaded stat()
  • added url.redirect-code to mod_redirect to set other HTTP status-codes than 302
  • added filter-API and mod_chunked and mod_deflate for dynamic compression
  • added a static balancer for mod-proxy-core
  • added $HTTP[“request-method”] and $PHYSICAL[“path”] conditionals
  • fixed X-Sendfile support in mod-proxy-core
  • fixed crash if mtime is 0
  • added cmake as experimental build-system
  • fixed urls in AJP13-protocol of mod-proxy-core
  • added support for “now” and “weeks” to mod-expire
  • added mod-magnet


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