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PRE-RELEASE: lighttpd-1.4.13-r1370.tar.gz

The crash reported in #876 is critical enough to fire another release shortly after 1.4.12 was released.

It also contains some minor bugfixes and a better check for lua 5.1. If you are running on Debian you can compile mod-magnet with —with-lua=lua5.1

Download: lighttpd-1.4.13-r1370.tar.gz


  • added initgroups in spawn-fcgi (#871)
  • added apr1 support htpasswd in mod-auth (#870)
  • fixed segfault in splitted CRLF CRLF sequences
    (introduced in 1.4.12) (#876)
  • fixed compilation of LOCK support in mod-webdav
  • fixed fragments in request-URLs (#869)
  • fixed pkg-config check for lua5.1 on debian