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What I Learned at the Railsconf

The railsconf 2006 is over and it was a amazing week here in Chicago. Around 500 attendees made the conference a huge success. Inspiraring Keynotes, interesting lightning talks and a amazing show by 'Why the Lucky Stiff and the Thirsty Cups'. But what did I learned ? * Developing Rails for some reason requires a PowerBook, at least 98% of all attendees were Apple Users * lighty is the default choice for deployment. ... at least if you don't use mongrel * mod_proxy has to be fixed to make mongrel happy again * noone knows about X-Sendfile * FastCGI, first revived by rails again, is going to die soon with the emerge of mongrel * lighty's config language is a DSL (Domain Specific Language, one of the buzz-words) * buzz-word bingo works, at least there where 3 bingos in DHHs keynote and the rails-core panel session * here in Chicago they know how to celebrate food I'm looking forward to the next years railsconf. ... And I already have a idea for a nice talk.

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