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Lighttpd 1.3.15 Released

.15 is like a best-of album from your favourite band which contains all
the good song, a few remixes and one or two new songs, just to make sure
that you buy it.

We did the same: the core stuff got bugfixes and two new modules were
added which might interest you:

  • mod_cml
Cache Meta Language Move the cache-hit decision into the webserver and only call the external language on cache-miss to speed up dynamic apps dramaticly → cluster-enabled via memcache
  • mod_trigger_b4_dl
Trigger before download For our content-providers which require that the user visitsa URL before he is allowed to download the content → cluster-enabled via memcache
  * added mod_cml
  * added mod_trigger_b4_dl
  * added encoding to mod_dirlisting
  * added ?auto to mod_status
  * relaxed handling of characters in URIs even more
  * fixed detection of sendfile() on Linux 2.4.x
  * fixed comparision of buffers for short strings
  * server.errorfile-prefix is now conditional
  * fixed mod_rrdtool to close STDERR